Incorporated alongside the Gallery, is Holy Smoke, providing customers with gourmet smoked products and pate. You can enjoy lunch inside or al fresco. Enjoy the summer sunshine and gardens of this beautiful part of the world.

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Holy Smoke Breakfast
honey cured bacon, free range eggs, tomato,
mushrooms and toast (mornings only)

Pemberton Buckwheat Pancake
this locally grown gluten-free speciality with maple syrup, whipped cream and toasted nuts.

Soup du Jour (Winter Special)
only local seasonal produce used for this delight.
Served hot with toasted Pemberton bread.

Gourmet Salad (Summer Special)
A large fresh Pemberton seasonal salad
with smoked chicken

Or with Portuguese smoked chicken,
smoked trout or salmon

Holy Smoke Taster for Two
A selected taste of our smoked chicken, ham and fish products accompanied by local delicacies and seasonal fruits served with toasted Pemberton bread.

Our Famous Gourmet Toasted Turkish
Chicken – Portuguese smoked chicken, aoili, grilled eggplant, capsicum, red onion and cheese.

Bacon – Honey cured bacon, aoili, cream cheese,
spinach, avocado, cheese and red onion.

Vegetarian – Avocado, fire roasted capsicum, grilled eggplant, tomato, spinach, red onion and aoili.

Ham and Cheese – Ham, cheese and aioli.

Little Wrap – smoked ham and cheese or smoked chicken and cheese toasted, perfect for smaller appetites.

Something Sweet?
Sensational locally made cakes,
scones with house made jam and whipped Bannister Downs cream.

Coffee and Tea – the best in town!
Take away orders are possible and Holy Smoke products on sale.

Please note that the full menu may not be available for large bus/tour groups, please contact Keely to confirm what will be available.

Open 7 Days a Week 9:30am till 3:30pm