Pemberton Fine Woodcraft Gallery features unique woodcraft and quality art and sculpture. Artworks are presented in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere reminiscent of the old Fine Woodcraft Gallery of the 1990’s.

Pemberton is a small town but most fortunate to be in the midst of the most magnificent forests and countryside. The Southern Forest Region has long been a haven, attracting many fine artists such as prominent Western Australian artists Helen and Guy Grey-Smith (Pemberton) and Howard Taylor (Northcliffe). Many contemporary artists continue to be influenced by these earlier Masters; you will view some of their artworks at the Gallery.

The gallery, surrounded by Karri forests, is constructed of rammed earth and finished with recycled and salvaged timbers. Wander through the gallery and enjoy the tranquil gardens that we share with local birds, frogs and other fauna.

Adjacent to the Gallery is Holy Smoke ( an irresistible gourmet café with many taste sensations on offer. It will be a truly unforgettable experience.